Wags on Willow Opens in Northfield!

A ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted on Wednesday, January 11 by the Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce to welcome Wags on Willow to their new location at 300 S. Happ Road, Northfield.  in the photo, left to right: Debbie Stassen, Wags on Willow, Rockey Flintermann, President, WNCC, Denise Borkowski, Make it Better, Michelle Weiss, Wags on Willow, Terry Dason, Executive Director WNCC, Joe Greenberg and Mary Bowler, Owner Wags on Willow, Alex Solorio, Wags on Willow, Stacy Sigman, Northfield Village Manager, Steve Gutierrez, Northfield Business Community Development and Melissa DeFeo, Northfield Management Analyst.

Wags on Willow offers a unique spa experience for that special member of your family whether it has paws or it purrs. Their stylists are tops in their field, their boutique features gourmet quality foods and their pet supplies are the finest available.  They are open Monday-Saturday from 8am-4pm and Sundays from 11am-3pm.  The can be reached at 272-2918 or visit their website:  www.wagsonwillow.com.

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