Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce

Amazing Danube River Cruise

Amazing Danube River Cruise

Departing October 15 – 24, 2018 
Would you enjoy traveling to exotic locations with a reasonable price tag? You can! The Winnetka-Northfield chamber works in partnership with travel companies that schedule trips around the world at a price you can afford, due to sheer numbers of business they bring to the airlines, hotels and travel guides.  If you want to travel in style, to locations that interest you, consider taking your next trip by booking it through your local chamber of commerce. 
Welcome aboard the MS Amadeus Brilliant for a 7-night cruise visiting 4 European countries along the Danube. Our ports of call include Passau, Melk, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, and Linz. We have chartered the entire ship and would love to have you join us on our Journey of Discovery as we cruise the Danube.
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