Chicago Academic Tutoring & Test Prep has moved their central office and brand new Tutoring Center to the North Shore.

The WNCC celebrated with a ribbon cutting on Tuesday, September 26, to welcome the Chicago Academic to their new location at 423 Central Ave Suite 100, Northfield, IL.

Serving the entire Chicagoland Area since 2010, CA owners and Wilmette residents, Gil & Carrie Gibori, moved their company from the West Loop of Chicago to be closer to home. Buying the building in 2016, CA has transformed the space into a funky, kid inspiring space for private tutoring, classes and community events. See this exciting new space.

If you want to know about CA, just think about three words: premium, boutique, unparalleled brain power. (OK, more than three).

If you’d like an average tutor for average results, CA is not your company. If you want the most extreme brain power in Chicago giving your child an exclusive, focused learning experience, then bam! CA is it.

Their tutors have, at a minimum, at least one Master’s degree. Most have multiple Master’s, PhDs, MDs, JDs from elite schools. If your kid needs help in AP biology, you get a PhD molecular biologist who skateboards in their free time. Genius plus cool sums up the roster of over 60 tutors. CA specializes in tutoring students in all academic subjects (Grades PK-12) and prepare them for the ACT and SAT college entrance exams.

In case parents just want to feed their student some brain power outside of their classes, they have tutors that teach hieroglyphics by helping them make ink and write on papyrus. If parents have a junior engineer, CA can teach them to build anything from a robot to a Medieval catapult to an electric guitar. If space is their thing,  have an astro-environmental scientist help them plan a mission to Mars.

We’re not kidding. This happens at Chicago Academic.

Come visit Chicago Academic at their newest location in Northfield. 

Photo (left to right): Rachel Liveris (Chicago Academic), Peter Hansen (Winnetka Living), Emily Thompson (Chicago Academic), Joan Frazier (President, Village of Northfield), John Bradley (Raynor Door Company), Gil Gibori (Owner, Chicago Academic), Greg Nelson (APEX Payroll), Carrie Gibori (Owner, Chicago Academic), Terry Dason (Executive Director, Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce), Stacy Sigman (Village Manager, Village of Northfield).