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Mysha’s Flooring Company

Mysha’s Flooring is a small family operated flooring company and has been offering the best services in Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs since 2000. We specialize in all types of Hardwood Floors and pride ourselves in being very detail oriented and highly skilled in the arts of hardwood flooring.

During your projects you won’t deal with a crew sent out to you, but directly with me ( Mike ). I will be there all the time from start to finish and I will answer to all of your questions before, during and after the process. We are never late, not for appointments and not with our projects.

All of our projects are done in the time frame promised, maybe a little bit sooner, but never late! We always answer the phone and always show up. We do one project at a time , we never have more projects in the same time, and run from one to another, when we start one, we stay there until it’s done and the customer is happy.

Mysha’s Flooring Website

(773) 964-2863

3737 N Kilpatrick, Chicago, IL 60641